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Apple challenges anyone to hack an iPhone, offers $1m

Apple has challenged hackers all over the world to hack its iPhone, reveal how they did it and earn $1 million.

Apple rewards any hacker who is able to hack an iPhone with $1m

This was announced by the iPhone maker during the annual Black Hat hacker convention in Las Vegas. Apple limited its bug bounty program to a restricted list of friendly hackers in the past, but it has now opened up the reward to everyone.

Hackers who can show that they can gain remote access to the very core of Apple’s iOS software without needing the target, the phone’s user to take action will get the top prize for only very specific task.

These kinds of bug bounty programs in which companies invite hackers to find vulnerabilities in their system have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of preventing criminals from finding and exploiting those flaws first.

Apple’s $1 million reward is in line with what hackers would likely be paid for uncovering such a bug.


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