Image of murdered University of Utah student, killed by a Nigerian man.

Nigerian man arrested for allegedly kidnapping and murdering a lady in the US

A Nigerian national, Ayoola Adisa Ajayi has been charged for kidnapping and murdering 23-year-old University of Utah student, Mackenzie Lueck, according to the Salt Lake City police department which confirmed the incident.

Image of murdered University of Utah student, killed by a Nigerian man.

Lueck is said to have disappeared on June 17th. Mike Brown, Salt Lake City Police Chief said DNA testing on human tissue found during a search of Ajayi’s residence confirmed to match that of the missing woman.

After announcing the suspect’s name, Salt Lake City Police Chief said, “I will not be saying the killer’s name again,” reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, after announcing Ajayi’s arrest.

It was reported that Lueck arrived at Salt Lake City from California. She then sent a text to her parents upon arrival at the airport before taking a lift to Hatch Park, close to her home.
She met a person at around 3 am and left in another car, but her parents reported her missing three days later.

The suspect’s neighbours had told detectives, they allegedly saw Ajayi ‘burning something’ at the back of his house with gasoline on June 17 and 18. Further investigations by detectives revealed charred materials located at the suspect’s house have now been forensically matched to be female human tissue.

It was further revealed that Lueck’s last communication was with Ajayi, who was briefly a member of the Utah Army National Guard before he was discharged and the location of the deceased’s and suspect’s phone pinged at a park less than a minute apart of each other, during which her phone stopped receiving data around 3 am, June 17.

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