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Angela Merkel suffers another trembling spell on the eve of G20 summit

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel suffered another episode of uncontrolled trembling on Thursday, a week after a similar incident, which sparked questions about her health.

During a ceremony to formally appoint a new justice minister, Merkel began to tremble as she stood next to President Frank Walter Steinmeier while he was giving a speech during the ceremony.

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The German Chancellor folded her arms visibly in a bid to control and stop the trembling and this went on for two minutes and stopped once she was able to take a few steps.
She was offered a glass of water which she refused.

Her previous bout of trembling has been blamed on dehydration caused by the hot summer temperature.

Despite the latest incident, a German spokesman said, “The Chancellor is well.” Adding that she will be flying as planned for the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan.

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