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“Every Dick and Harry” claiming to be my father-Regina Daniels denies ‘father’ on Social Media

One Barrister Jude Ojeogwu who has been claiming to be Regina Daniels father has been denied by the actress.

The actress has reacted to claims that her father wasn’t informed about her marriage to Ned Nwoko, revealing that attempts have been made to impersonate her father, but that she knows who her father is.

On Social Media, she wrote-

“Every Dick and Harry claiming to be my father that is if I have one.Yo! I know who my father is,” she said on social media.

Image of Regina Daniels

A man, Barrister Jude Ojeogwu had claimed he was ignorant of the marriage between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko.

In an exclusive interview with an online entertainment magazine, Ojeogwu had revealed how he was deceived by Regina and her siblings into believing that there no romance between her and Ned Nwoko.

See excerpt of the interview below-

“I invited Regina to my house where I live in Lagos; (I can’t disclose the location of my house right now for security reasons); she came to my house with her siblings (Lawrence and Samuel Ojeogwu) and I asked her if all I’ve been hearing is true because I wanted to know what was actually going on. She ‘Daddy, nothing is going on.’ I asked my first son, her brother, Lawrence Ojeogwu, the same question and he also said nothing was going on.“I then asked my other son, Samuel, the same question, he too said the same thing, ‘Daddy nothing is going on’. I said okay, should we now say all that I’ve been hearing and seeing is more like a movie? And they said ‘Yes’. However, I advised that if she wants to get married to an old man, she (Regina) should not forget that very soon she (Regina) would become a widow. But that if she is getting married to a man like her age mate, of the cause, becoming a widow would be far from her (Regina).“That was where we finished the discussion about her marriage. I went further to ask what was happening about her education because I used to visit her in her school, Igbinedion University. She said she has plans of travelling to Dubai for her studies. I asked her what was in Dubai if not Arabic; that she should be thinking of going to Havard or Oxford University”, he said. He added that when videos of the actress’ initiation ceremony into ‘Otu Odu’ surfaced online and that of the traditional ceremony, he was forced to finally speak.”

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